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Mrs Walsh's 'Fat Bastard' muffin recipe

The Fat Bastard is a delicious fatty little friend that is a comforting snack or served with custard a fabulous desert. Made with plenty of butter and sugar they are guaranteed to have you turning in to a fat bastard if you don't stop at one. They are gluten free and served with some gluten free custard they are the perfect dinner party desert for any of your gluten free friends. The gluten free flour you will never taste the difference, gluten free custard Hmmmm you definately will.

Mrs Walsh's 'Julia Roberts' muffin recipe



The Julia Roberts

Unlike the Lyle lovett, the Julia Roberts muffin is one pretty muffin. Sometimes you just have to say 'To hell with the Oat bran just give me some butter!" Coming from a lady who likes to lunch let me tell you healthy and fun rarely go together. 

Mrs Walsh's 'Lyle Lovett' muffin recipe



The Lyle Lovett

I call this muffin recipe the 'Lyle Lovett' as it's quite unattractive but is undeniably a big hit. The Lyle Lovett, packed with goodness yet positively delicious! The perfect lunch box filler or healthy desert, served heated with custard. It's a butt ugly muffin with a heart of gold... Yumbo!


The Ship Tavern, London

My husband and I discovered the ship tavern after a long day at Portobello markets. We had bought everything from a view master circa 1910 to a leather tape measure, set of dominos and some boxing gloves! With our booty of bits we decided, a cleansing ale at the pub might not be such a bad idea and stumbled on this brilliant old classic English pub. As they had a restaurant section upstairs we decided to stay for a pie and a pint whilst having a game of dominos with our super new set. A bottle of red, two pies and several games later we started playing with all our new purchases much to the amusement of the bar staff. It was only when my husband got up to measure something that one of the staff told him to put it away as the pub has been here since 1549 and it doesn't need measuring! We got to know the very friendly bar folk over our week long stay and can not just recommend it for a quick beer or light dinner but thoroughly endorse it as being one of the highlights of my last trip.  12 Gate Street Holborn

Ugg boots, London & Real Estate porn!


Avoiding the slippery slope of leisure wear and bad hair...

It's been five months since launching my swanky new web site and keeping the content updated regularly has proven to be as challenging as saying the word 'Innovative' when you are drunk. Writing five blogs per week in between being a soccer mum, Stepford wife, columnist and running the empire of Mrs Walsh has proven to be a mission impossible. Manicures, pedicures and facials seem like a retro past time and it's starting to feel like I am only one step away from bad tracksuits and home styled hair.


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