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Category: Food


Getting bugged to make risotto? Try Mrs Walsh's Bug Risotto recipe.


Mrs Walsh's Bugged Risotto  !

I was perusing the offerings of my fishmonger when my youngest child said, “Look mummy bugs! We haven’t had bugs for ages...can we have bugs?” My eldest chimed in with when are you going to make the Lobster ravioli again? My hearing translated this to WeeeeeWeeeWeeeeeeeee whinge wee because that’ how mums hear anything in the winey tones. I buckled and came up with this fairly simple risotto with delicious fresh bugs which was nice for a Wednesday. 

Purple Cauliflower Soup & Chateau La Fontaine de Genin, Bordeaux 2008


Simpleton's Soup Featuring Purple Cauliflower

It’s finally spring, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and cauliflower is purple. This soup is a simpleton's sensation it's so stupidly simple! This spring is all about psychedelic veggies and a cheeky French Cab Merlot... or a New Zealand Pinot ... or a South Australian Shiraz ... Or a buttery WA Chardy ... or a delightful French Rose


Baby Swordfish with Tomato & Almond Pesto Salsa


Baby Swordfish with Tomato & Almond Pesto Salsa

This is the ultimate ‘Two meals in one’. Left over pesto is perfect for pasta the following day or frozen to be used whenever it takes your fancy. Spread it on sour dough with sliced tomato for a delicious Bruschetta.

Bill Gates Soup & The Idiot Shiraz


Bill Gates Soup (AKA Mushroom & Truffle Soup)

Like Bill this soup is rich, generous and flavour of the decade. It's a perfect soup to serve as a complete meal or in a small portion as an entree. My 7yo daughter, the food critic, appreciates a good mushroom soup but It’s like having a midget version of Terry Durack at the table each night when awaiting her verdict. She declared this to be utterly delicious (and gave me a 9/10) (apparently if it was served with a side of lolly snakes it would have received a perfect 10) 


 Matching Wine :  The Idiot Shiraz 2012 Phillip Shaw



 What Mrs Walsh Says:

I think the beauty of a wine called 'The Idiot' is that it's warning you of what you'll morph in to should you decide responsible service of alcohol is for amateurs and that donning the lampshade whilst belting out your finest rendition of 'I will survive' to an audience of one, the cat, is awesome.  I love the Idiot and I'm not talking about my annoying neighbour Trevor who thinks Billy Ray Cirus is a musical genius, I'm talking about the delicious Shiraz.



Prawn & Water Chestnut Wonton Sweet & Sour Soup


Prawn & Water Chestnut Wonton, sweet and sour soup

  I learnt this sacred and ancient art form of wonton making from a you tube video! The dish looks hidiously complex but is as simple as Iron Mikes IQ. Paired with a delectable Rose it's    a ray of spicy Asian sunshine.   


Matching Vino : Chateau de Selle Ott Rose 2012

A sweet soup should be paired with a pretty wine and Chateau de Selle Rose is the prom queen of dates for my wonton soup. I often see big heavy reds paired with my wonton soup and think they are as natural a pairing as handstands and Chardonnay! 


Blueberry Coconut quinoa slice


Blueberry coconut quinoa slice

This is a delicious desert and a killer lunch box addition. The school canteen will look positively plain after one mouthful of this turbo charged treat.

Salmon Tartare on risotto cake


Salmon Tartare on risotto cake.

This dish is a great way to use left over risotto. The crunch of the cake with the silky texture of the salmon is like a food version of the Brad and Angelina it's that perfect. 

 Matching Wine: Chateau Riotor Cotes de Provence Rose 2012

Mrs Walsh Says:

Pink food deserves pink wine and the only people who do a perfect pink are the French. Rose, like intelligent humour should be dry with a pale pink hue.


Tuna loin with Chermoula


Tuna Loin With Chermoula



It's a northern African ocean safari in your mouth. Many years ago I spent time in Marrakech and ate at the nightly food markets in the medina. It gave me a life long passion for North African flavours. The simple use of spices in vegetable and fish dishes is very inspiring for this non meat eater. 

 Matching Wine - Chardonnay Shaw and Smith M3 Chardonnay 2012




Scallops with spinach, potato crisp and balsamic reduction


Scallops with spinach, potato crisp and blasamic reduction

The delectable flavours of garlic, scallops, spinach and crispy taties have a harmony the Koreas can only dream of.

Matching Vino - Cooralook Chardonnay

Mrs Walsh says

This wine was cheaper than Nicki Minaj's Kmart line but tastes more like an Armani diffusion label. Like said second tier label it's not the bomb but it has the pedigree.

Angel Hair Caprese


Angel Hair Caprese


Ready in ten minutes it’s faster than Flo Jo! Add a little rocket salad, some crusty bread and you have a floorless finish.

Matching Wine - Seven Canoes Pinot Noir

What Mrs Walsh Says: 

I think a Pinot Noir should be like an eastern suburbs socialite, rich, delicate and lively. 

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