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'Christmas shopping, the brown level and bad Santa'

'Christmas shopping, the brown level and bad Santa'

Posted in [Personal] By Michelle Walsh

It has been a busy week since launching the new Mrs Walsh web site. I have been doing my best to get some Christmas shopping done although the Bondi Junction Westfield car park is trying to work against me on this. I got in to the car park and joined a twenty-minute conga line though the bowels of the car park and ironically ended up on the brown level.

I didn’t even know there was a brown level, as I had never gone that far down before. After an hour of shopping I went back to level brown and then was stuck in gridlock with some very angry people for the next 20 minutes before seeing the light! With this in mind I have blogged on a couple of online gift options for family you won’t see on the day but may wish to send a gift too. It’s all about fruit cake and wine as they just scream ‘Merry Christmas!’

By ordering an online delivery of food and vino that can be enjoyed over the festivities you will no doubt be voted favourite family member even in your absence. We had a staff meeting here at the offices of Mrs Walsh (which was kind of odd since it's just me) and decided as as a big fat Merry Christmas to you from all of us (again just me) that all items in the baby wear section of the online store will be reduced to $10.00 for Christmas.

Maintenance is another important festive season issue. It’s all about a lash, a blow dry and unchipped nail. My latest find is ‘Love those lashes’. Waking up with luxurious lashes minus the panda eyes is even more fabulous than remembering to have a Berocca and a Panadol before bed at this crazy time of year.

Finding a good Santa for the Christmas photo can be as tricky as finding a carni who still has all his own teeth. Bad Santa's seem to be in good supply but the really old well rounded actual Santa looking guys are as rare as parking spaces at this time of year.

Merry Christmas, avoid the brown level and may the good Santa be with you!

Mrs Walsh x



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